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                About Bohi

                Enterprise missionProvide green product and create a better life.
                Green is the color of life, better is the pursuit of life. We always produce superior-grade green products for customers and the community and we are dissatisfied with only doing this and we aim at bringing them more values. We should be proud to be a member of Bohi Industry and we shall try to win people’s thumb praise through the ten gingers hard work!

                Enterprise vision:Build career platform, create harmonious home, achieve common dream.

                Bohi Industry is a business platform for starting a career and achieving a successful life. It is also a business platform for employees to realize their talents and the values of their life. Bohi Industry is home for a common development and the pursuit of a happy life. Bohi Industry is a good dream cradle for a sustainable development and dedication to the service of our country with strong business.

                Enterprise core values:Integrity first, quality oriented, team based, pragmaticism as key to success
                Integrity first - prior merit among all Bohi Industry merits. "Integrity" refers to the precious credit and responsibilities after saying words that carry weight.
                Quality oriented - foundation for the development of Bohi Industry. "Quality" refers to the "crafted" work standards and sense of responsibility.
                Team based - law of achievements of Bohi Industry. "Team" refers to the unitied cohesion and cooperation spirit as what in the saying of "unity is strength" .
                Pragmatism as key to the success - key to success of Bohi Industry. "Pragmatic" refers to the "down to earth" way of doing things and work style.

                Innovation as source of development - source of Bohi Industry development. "Innovation" refers to the "ever-improving" spirit of creation and improvement.

                Entrepreneurial spirit:Responsible, Cooperative, Enterprising(簡稱為:實·和·闖)

                As Responsible as a cattle: Cattle, bear responsibilities without grudge/bear hardship without complaint; cattle, work hard and practical; cattle, gentle and kind. Cattle always move forward with solid footsteps regardless of any ups and downs, any wind and rain.
                Cooperative: Wild geese, guide a group to fly; wild geese, work as a team; wild geese, loyal to their team. Wild geese, opening out their wings in clouds, flutter and soar high; wild geese, always loyal to their duties, selflessly contribute to their work and enjoy a group life.
                Enterprising: Leopard, enterprising; leopard, full attack; leopard, indomitable. Leopard can always insist on their goals and strive to success with brave spirit, enterprising passion and efforts.