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                Bohi Business
                In 1996, Shandong Bohi Industry Co., Ltd. set up the first refined oil production line. After more than two decades, it has established production bases in China's ports like Qingdao, Zhanjiang, Beihai, and etc. with an annual capacity of eight million tons soybean crush and expected capacity of ten million tons.
                Cooperating with best-known international suppliers, we have established the integrative global purchase platform.
                Our processing equipment is purchased from best-known international suppliers like German Lurgi, American Crown. We have the world leading technology like enzymatic degumming as well as dozens of independent patented technologies likes mix oil refining, and moderate refining.
                Supporting by universities and research institutions like Jiangnan University, we developed the high value-added products like food grade phospholipid, natural vitamin E, and etc. The key technology and industrialization of soybean phospholipid is awarded the second prize of National Science and Technology Awards.
                Shandong Bohi Industry Co.,Ltd. has also established an international trade center in Shanghai to do business of import and export globally.

                 We have completed industrial chain including soybean outsourcing and marine logistics, technology research and development, producing, storage, sales and overland transportation. We have been one of the fast-growing, important edible oil and soybean dreg suppliers in China.