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                Bohi Business
                With the increasing improvement of the living standard, the natural textiles become increasingly favored, which stimulates the continuous development progress of its important raw material - cellulosic fiber and this brings full of vitality to cellulosic fiber.
                Cellulosic fiber is made from wood pulp which is refined from the natural wood. It associatively combined the natural properties of natural fibers and the processing advantages of synthetic fibers, so it not only has the practical performances of cotton fiber such as moisture absorptive, anti-static and soft, but also has better performances in drapability, dyeing and some other properties. It is "like cotton but better than cotton". It has the characters of smooth and cool, breathable and anti-static and it can be colorfully dyed, therefore it is the most suitable fiber which can meet human skin’s requirements for wearing. Every product made of cellulosic fiber is full of nature scent and has good property of close-fitting.
                Cellulosic fiber has excellent spinnability and it is often blended or interwoven with cotton, wool or some synthetic fibers for making all types of clothing or decorative textiles. From viscose staple fiber (VSF) to modulus fiber with high whiteness and high moisture, and then to Modal, Newdal, Tencel and some other high-end products, the products line of this industry is long and has good malleability. This industry has strong derivative ability and it can be expanded to the downstream industries such as baby diapers industry and sanitary pad industry.
                Yamei is located in Shandong Province, a large province for textile and clothing production in the whole country, and it is also located in the south bank of Yellow River which makes it rich in water resources. Bohi Industry can gain strong energy support from its own branch company, Shandong Shenghe Thermal Power Company and it has a world-class management team. All in all, Bohi Industry has an unparalleled prerequisite in the cellulosic fiber industry.
                In 2005, Bohi Industry founded Yamei Science and Technology Co., Ltd. in Boxing County of Shandong Province and Yamei firstly introduced the world-class processing equipment such as Swiss spinnerets, German balers and British dryers into the company and then it imported natural wood pulp and, at last, it entered the cellulosic fiber production industry. At present, the cellulosic fiber production capacity of the company reached 320,000 tons, ranking among the largest domestic production companies. 


                Yamei fiber has gained the trust of costumers on the basis of its excellent quality since its foundation and it was awarded Shandong Famous Brand.


                Shandong Yamei Sci-tech Co., Ltd. declares Pulp Procurement Policy for Protecting Forests  (full policy click:/filespath/files/20181119134238.PDF
                Shandong Yamei Sci-tech Co., Ltd. is committed to playing a leadership role in the dissolving pulp & cellulosic fibre industry and will work with our wood pulp suppliers and Canopy in order to promote sustainable forest management and the protection of ancient and endangered forests.
                Shandong Yamei Sci-tech Co., Ltd. supports the production of cellulosic fibres & fabrics from wood fibre that is not sourced in ancient and endangered forests, such as Indonesia’s tropical forest and Canada’s Boreal Forest, unless meaningful conservation plans and FSC certification are in place.
                About Canopy
                Canopy is a not-for-profit environmental organization dedicated to protecting forests, species and climate. Canopy collaborates with more than 750 companies to develop innovative solutions, supply chain sustainability and the advance the protection of our world’s remaining ancient and endangered forests.
                Visit www.canopyplanet.org