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                Social Responsibility

                Support Development of Minority Nationality Regions ·Bohi Care

                Bohi Industry never forgot the national responsibilities during its development and our heart is linked with the hearts of the people in minority national regions.

                In November 2007, Bohi Industry was identified as the Pointed Production Enterprise of Goods (Muslem class) Specially for the Minority Nationalities. Bohi Industry made a full and flexible use of national preferential policies to ensure the supply of cooking oil in minority nationality regions. In production process, Bohi Industry fully hired and cultivated minority employees. On the basis of its own development, Bohi Industry actively supported the unity among national groups in minority nationality regions, which is praised by the society.


                • 2010年

                    In 2010, the key county of minority nationality regions in Shandong Province - Yangxin County - suffered a devastating flood and water-logging disas...

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                • 2011年

                    In 2011, through the Binzhou City Bureau of Ethnic and Religious Affairs, the company learned that teachers and students from Wuying Muslim School i...

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                • 2012年12月

                    In December 2012, "Meishike" edible oil brand was awarded as one of the "Top Ten Brands in Shandong Muslem Food Industry".

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                • 2015年

                    In 2015, Bohi Industry initiated to donate 1 million yuan to the minority nationalities in Tibet. In addition, Bohi Industry hired minority employee...

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                • 2016年03月

                    In March 2016, Bohi Industry united six civilian enterprises in Binzhou City and launched initiatives to help Binzhou minority people with a method ...

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